On Monday evening I had Scrappy over at Homeward Bound for a walk. I thought I spotted a dog I knew getting picked up from boarding. I was right … it was Rusty. I remembered that I wanted to take Rusty home the first time I saw him. Not just for his unique look although I admit he is beautiful. But he also has a soulful quality that drew me in. Turned out he was a timid guy that needed to build some confidence. It was clear from seeing him on Monday that his new family had been doing exactly that.


While Rusty was at HB I introduced him to Scrappy a couple times. They got along well and Scrappy even played with him. That’s not a privilege Scrappy grants to any Tom, Dick, or Fido out there. When introducing dogs we keep them leashed at first for safety. Rusty did something unusual — twice — when we brought them together on leash. He reached out with his paw and tapped Scrappy directly on top of his head! It was hilarious! None of us had seen that before. Just a single tap and that’s it. A minute later he did it again.

I’m telling Rusty’s new people this story and …. yep, Rusty reaches over and taps Scrappy right on the head. They insisted he has never done that to another dog. It must be an honor reserved for Scrap.

And a bonus shot of Scrappy taken when I was goofing around with a different lens today:



  1. Thank you for viewing my page! Your pictures are awesome!


  2. sargentmt

    Ah, great love pictures.


  3. derrycats

    Love that last shot – you can see all the way into his soul.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. He’s even more beautiful now…if that’s possible.


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