Scrappy has something to say

I ought to be posting about Teddy tonight but Scrappy was getting positively chatty earlier this evening. That’s unusual so I figure he wants me to share. That’s Ginorma the Snake he has with him.


  1. So funny, my dog went absolutely ballistic next to me, hearing Scrappy and the squeaky toy 🙂


  2. Jana

    I totally agree with everything that Scrappy had to say! LOL!! Love that giant snake.


  3. sargentmt

    That is so cute. It had me laughing too, and even Yule was watching the video.

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  4. Ray also has a snake and has so much fun whipping it around. Of course it hits him periodically which just increases the intensity of the “game”!

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  5. derrycats

    He says: “what you laughing at?? I am not goofy!!”

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    1. He did seem to take offence at the end. I had a Golden named Maddy that used to talk all the time. I had to teach her to use her inside voice.

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