WPC: Demon eyes

A friend suggested I offer up Scrappy for this week’s photo challenge. You may have seen Scrappy in previous posts like this one. One look at him and it’s clear that his eyes are his most  distinctive feature. Scrappy wasn’t always the calm dog he has become today , and I’ll tell his story soon. It will suffice for now to say that some of the volunteers at Homeward Bound swore he had demon eyes. No so anymore; everyone that meets him compliments him on his beautiful eyes.











  1. Write the story already. 🙂

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  2. Lori

    Great photos….I just Love that boy!!!

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    1. He refers to you as his girlfriend.


      1. Lori

        I’ll take that!!


  3. intense, yes; demon, no!

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    1. Eric, I never thought so myself but I do admit that he had very intense eyes that were often “hard”. And he stares. Lordie, does he ever stare.


  4. Susan

    I love these Rob. Scrappy looks so happy.

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    1. It took a while but he’s transformed himself quite nicely.


  5. derrycats

    What a handsome guy!

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  6. Mary Tonningsen

    Can’t wait to read his story – he does have great eyes!

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