Salt and pepper

I recently tried to get some shots of two dogs playing. I don’t expect perfect photos when the dogs are wrestling and running about. I just don’t have the chops for that. But people like them, and I occasionally get a shot that I am truly satisfied with. But… on the two days in question the subjects were Aspen and River — a white dog and a black dog. That’s brilliant white and pitch black. Okay, to be honest, River’s coat has dark brown highlights.  But he’s still quite dark. The contrasting subjects pose a dilemma for the camera’s meter….

Aspen, Part 2

This a continuation of the post Aspen, Part 1 here. These shots show Aspen playing with Charlie who was also staying with me. They had a great time together. I was meant to show Aspen playing with a few other dogs but I was deficient in getting those photos. Aspen came to me as Rosie from the Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. She was still a pup really at about 11 months. She had excess energy and serious mouthing habit. She actually drew blood on my hands three times before I could get her under control. Mostly under control. She wasn’t…