Aspen, Part 2

This a continuation of the post Aspen, Part 1 here. These shots show Aspen playing with Charlie who was also staying with me. They had a great time together. I was meant to show Aspen playing with a few other dogs but I was deficient in getting those photos.

Aspen came to me as Rosie from the Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. She was still a pup really at about 11 months. She had excess energy and serious mouthing habit. She actually drew blood on my hands three times before I could get her under control. Mostly under control. She wasn’t “biting”.  To her it was all play.

I was lucky that Allison and Ben soon came along and adopted Rosie reaming her Aspen. Seems a neighbor already had a dog name Rosie. I knew Aspen was going to be challenging but I could not have hoped for a better home for her. I was a little unsure about Aspen going home with an existing dog because she had a Rough & Rowdy play style that I thought might be too much for an older dog. But Molly is a confident dog that could communicate clearly with Aspen about what was okay and when. And Aspen was an excellent student so it has worked well. So well that I had zero qualms about letting her play with Charlie and other dogs appropriate for her. I just wish I had been competent about getting the shots to show her off.


More photos here.


  1. sargentmt

    Great shots. Glad you are posting again.

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    1. Thank you.


  2. Lori Burke

    These are GREAT shots!!! So happy to see you back 🙂

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    1. You’re very kind.


  3. Carolyn Unger

    Great shots!

    Sent from my iPad


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    1. Thank you.


  4. Jana Hook

    Fabulous action shots Rob. Love the dancing dogs!

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    1. They might give you a dance if you ask nicely.


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