A brief run through the HB garden

I haven’t shot much in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden lately. And I probably won’t do so for the near future at least. But yesterday I took a dog over to visit with his best friend, Lori, and that gave me an unexpected opportunity to spend a few minutes in the garden.

Note the “look of love”.



  1. Mary Tonningsen

    It’s funny, but before I even saw the words “Look of love” under that first photo the words to that old song “The Look of Love” (kind of a soft jazz song, I may have the name wrong) immediately popped into my head! So glad Lori and whoever that dog is got to see each other! ❤ And the garden coming to life is also a joy to see!


  2. Beautiful garden pictures Rob, and I thank you so much for those first 2!!


  3. Beautiful Spring flowers. Definitely a look of love in that first photo.


  4. Carol Lobmeier

    What great pictures. Thank you. That boy sure loves his friend. It’s all over his beautiful face.


  5. Lovely photos! 😊


  6. Beautiful flowers. 🙂


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