Longest ears?

Red was an adult, feral dog that came to us from Oregon. He has made great strides in relating to humans over the last few years thanks to Tatia and many other volunteers. When I look at him I always wonder if he holds the record for longest ears on a Golden Retriever.



  1. A feral golden. Did you feel the soft golden inside when he was wild?


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    I just love Red! You would not believe how ‘honored’ I felt the day he was finally brave enough to take a treat from my fingers (using only the tiniest tips of his teeth so that he didn’t have to come any closer than necessary to get it!) He is incredibly special. Kudos to dog-whisper Tatia and to all the other volunteers that have helped him become part of the pack. 💜


  3. He is such a special boy, love those ears!

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  4. Jana

    Oh Red, you are so handsome. That is long hair on his ears. He would be too afraid to go to a groomer to get his hair shaped. We like his looks this way anyway.

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  5. He’s a lovely dog and yes, his ears are a fair old length.


  6. derrycats

    Hmmm…quite long for a golden. Maybe a mix with something else??


  7. Carol

    oh my gosh, I have never seen a golden with such long ears. He must hold the record!! Beautiful face!!


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