1. sargentmt


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  2. Susan

    Maybe you’ll also discover that you would like Scrappy sleeping on your bed with you!!

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    1. I dunno. Yule’s been jumping up in the early morning. Have never been a dog in the bed person.


  3. cafall

    It’s not a bad thing! Haha!

    Monty and Harlow

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    1. Denver could use a little help on his technique though.


  4. Oh, I wondered who that was!


    1. Pema Khandro is the name given to me when I became a Buddhist. I don’t use it with the general public, but used it when I signed up with WordPress. 🙂 I always forget to switch over to FB so that I’m recognized!

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  5. btw – that’s my other name – you know me by Mary Tonningsen, Woody’s ‘mom’. I forgot to log in through Facebook!


  6. peacefulpemakhandro

    Seems your a sucker for a redhead! 🙂

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    1. How very, very true.


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