1. […] (Fido when he was at Homeward Bound) arrived for a short stay today. He appeared in a post here and here. Scrappy and Tucker had a rough and tumble play session despite the size discrepancy. I […]


  2. Jana

    Great shots Rob! Looks like Fido was having fun! Happy dog!


  3. sargentmt

    Great pictures. What a fun day for him.

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    1. He sure seemed like he did.


  4. Looks like he had a lot of fun!

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    1. He started slow and built up to it. I did miss the shots where he was dancing to get out of the water when the spray went low and right at him.

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  5. derrycats

    Fabulous! The shots tell such a great story.

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    1. Thank you.


  6. Mary Tonningsen

    LOL! Oh, those are just great, Rob! The 3rd one from the bottom looks like he’s trying to shake some water out of his ear 🙂 What a fun time he had!

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    1. Fido cocks his head reliably. All I have to do is meow.

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