I suppose most dog lovers, even though they love all dogs, have certain “types” they tend to be more attracted to. As with our attractions to fellow humans, physical attributes are often the first things that capture our imagination. I tend to like the big, red dogs. That’s true as far as it goes but that is still at the superficial level, of course. So some volunteers might be surprised when a big, red dog comes in and I figuratively shrug my shoulders: “Sure, he’s gorgeous but he just doesn’t do anything for me.”

I started paying attention to the special dogs, the ones that made me catch my breath a little. I realized that the attraction, the infatuation at first sight, wasn’t always at first sight. And while a red coat would always make me look twice, there were two traits that mean a lot. One is the eyes. Maybe the eyes are beautiful or unusual. Or the dog has a way of communicating something extra via the eyes. The other is the way they move. It might be a prance over a simple trot. Or the way a Yellow Lab thunders down the filed in pursuit of a ball. Or a goofy walk that just makes me laugh.

Then there are those things not of the physical realm. But wait. I never intended today’s post to head down this path. Perhaps we’ll return to it another day. I did mean to introduce Daisy. She is very nearly perfect. A beautiful, sweet girl with impeccable manners. You almost never to have to worry about her in the house except for the occasional counter theft. My bad for leaving that treat bag up there in the first place.


She loves her soft toys and keeps them in good shape.



She’ll chase a ball now and then but isn’t obsessed about it.


She can just chill on the lawn with you if that’s what you like.

r-d_daisy_8107744 r-d_daisy_8107688


She has the cutest expressions.


And those eyes. Oh, my.


Daisy was adopted but came back to us because her separation anxiety was so severe. That’s why I was initially interested in taking her home. I wanted to see how she would do at my house. I come and go a lot so she would never be without a human for very long. And when I was gone Scrappy would almost always be there. While they are not friends, and rarely interact, it appears that Scrappy’s presence is enough to keep her anxiety in check.

A Homeward Bound volunteer, Judy K., will be providing Daisy’s forever home. Daisy is a seizure dog and Judy has tons of experience with this condition. Judy will provide a special home for my special Daisy.



  1. […] time it was the lovely and talented Daisy with whom Buddy was forced to share living quarters. Scrappy played chaperone the entire time. I had […]


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    I think I met Daisy once and have to agree, she is very special! I’m glad she’s going to a wonderful home and will be loved. I hope that she comes back occasionally to visit you. 🙂 Thank you for loving that beautiful girl while she was with you!

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  3. Chris White

    So happy that Judy will be giving her the home she deserves, with fur friends! And yes, there are always those dogs with a certain something 😊

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  4. I think it would be fair to say that we react to dogs in much the same way as we react to people, in that we have an image in our mind which reflects physical parameters. If the dog/person comes close to that image, then the initial attraction is there. One must take the time to get to know a person before one can really decide anything in the context of a long term attraction… and is that any different from knowing a dog? Just thinking!

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    1. Very true, I believe.


  5. Her eyes are stunning, gorgeous dog! -Ellie

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  6. derrycats

    What a beauty!

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