Buddy pays another visit

You’ve met Buddy before in previous posts. He’s a Homeward Bound alumnus who comes to stay with me and Scrappy every now and then. Well, with me, Scrappy, and whichever random dogs happen to be here. That can be an unsettling proposition for a dog that lacks confidence. But Buddy has come a long way since he was adopted by Mary and Drew.



This time it was the lovely and talented Daisy with whom Buddy was forced to share living quarters. Scrappy played chaperone the entire time. I had to keep Daisy and Buddy separated for the first couple days which complicated life a little bit. But then we got over the hump and both dogs ran freely through the house for the next few days until Daisy departed for a better gig. There were a few sparks along the way but nothing serious.


Scrappy gave Buddy some posing lessons.


This evening Scrappy selected a ball and dropped it in front of me and Buddy. I took that to be Scrap’s way of challenging Buddy to some ball-chasing. That’s unusual because Scrappy is typically offers up a half-hearted (at best) effort when I try to get him to participate in such games. But good for him!


Scrappy’s not particularly good a this game. He usually comes back empty-mouthed unless I toss two balls. Even that doesn’t guarantee he’;; emerge with one of the prizes. But at least he tried today.

Buddy goes home on Wednesday morning. I hope Scrappy misses him this time. I know I will.




    1. They learn that they get treats when they pose. Scrappy has it down pat. He’ll pose before I even ask him. Daisy learned pretty quickly too. Buddy wasn’t quite as sure about it but he gave me a few opportunities.


  1. I agree with Mary…love that “over the shoulder smile” from Buddy. Rob, you are so good at capturing action shots! Scrappy is an amazing dog…so accepting of all you bring home.

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  2. Love that ‘over the shoulder smile’ Buddy’s giving you in the last shot. He’s such a good-looking dog! So glad he and Buddy had some fun together. 🙂

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