Red Alert!

Sorry, no Star Trek red alert klaxon here. This is about a different sort of red alert. If you’ve volunteered at Homeward Bound long enough the other volunteers start to learn your canine preferences. I’ve mentioned before that I am partial to the red ones. One day last week I informed 3 times of a new guest named Killian within 15 minutes of my arrival. Oh, and I got an e-mail too which included which kennel the new up was residing in. I took him out later that day for photos

This is Killian.


I liked him right away. He struck me as a “blue-collar dog”. That’s a plus. His coat has clearly been neglected as you can see in the next photo. He needs a good brushing to get rid of the old undercoat. But there are many mats in his back feathers and around his ears. Mats can be a lot of work to remove. Sometimes they have to be shaved. So it was with Killian. I saw him yesterday and the backs of his rear legs had been shaved. You know what people always say when you get a bad haircut: “Don’t worry, it will grow back.” Small consolation at the moment though, pal.


Killian is truly a looker in my book. You might have noticed that he is still showing some anxiety in this shoot.

He has the dark red coat that might more accurately be described as a reddish brown. I’m sure there is a “real” name for his color. Chestnut, maybe? Sienna? I’m a guy so give me a break here. Sometimes it’s challenging to get the coloring right in a photo. Changes in lighting make a difference, for one.


As you can see Killian is an active that likes to play. I hope he sticks around long enough for me to get to know him.

Okay, okay. If you really need to hear the ST red alert, here it is.



  1. Mary Tonningsen

    Oh, Killian is gorgeous, matted or not! I hope he sticks around for awhile, too – I’d love to get a look at him. 🙂


  2. Yep…I’m definitely in love again!!


  3. Wow! Killilan is a beautiful dog. Love your pictures. How could someone NOT want him?!


  4. Jana

    Don’t let Scrappy-doo hear you say you are partial to the red dogs…you will hurt his feelings! Yes, Killian is quite handsome.


    1. Well, he can’t read so it’s okay. When he asks me to read one of my posts to him, I just change up the words.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. derrycats

    What a looker!! Gorgeous. (Great photos too.) I hope you will be around in late October, Rob. Coming out to visit with Audrey, and want to see HB for myself, and would love to meet you in person.


    1. Yes, I’ll be here. I look forward to it.

      Liked by 1 person

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