Ms. C. Laney in the garden

Random shots from the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. First we have Frida, the garden cat. She just finished eating her supper in the shed. Something may not have agreed with her.


Frida is there for the mice, not the birds. Although we do seem to have lots of birds around.




We also have a mechanical man.


And a blue spruce all dolled up for Christmas.


Some of the roses are still hanging on.


Several benches where you can rest your weary bones and enjoy the view. Even if you do have cataracts.


And a piece of art that makes use of the tags from many of the dogs that came through Homeward Bound.




  1. wonderful photos

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    1. Thank you very much.

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  2. Cindy Towne

    Love your photos. Frida really looks like she has mouse indigestion – poor gal. Love the idea of the dog tags. We have many and I think I will honor them with a chime for the patio. Keep up the good work Rob. And Happy New Year🐾

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    1. Thank you, Cindy. I will be curious to know how the chime sounds when you get it finished. Let me know.


  3. sargentmt

    Beautiful shots of the garden. Another bird feeder will be arriving soon. Got to keep those birds happy and well fed too.

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    1. Thank you.


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