‘Spresso Redux

I wrote about ‘Spresso in a previous post here. I’m happy that he’s back for a short visit. I’m actually a bit late in posting since ‘Spresso is going home today. Having five dogs to take care of and being under the weather tends to put you behind. I’m also very pleased to note that ‘Spresso has improved quite a bit since his last visit. I commented in the previous post that “He’s not the most confident of dogs so loud noises, sudden movements, and new situations can be a bit challenging for him.” I noticed right away that ‘Spresso’s confidence is much greater. He still flinches a little at some sounds and movements but not nearly as much as he used to.  And he navigates doors with an aplomb I never saw before. It’s wonderful to see him growing like this. Many thanks to Dipesh and Lucky for taking such good care of him!


  1. […] is a frequent visitor at my house. I wrote about him not so long ago in this post. ‘Spresso left yesterday after a stay of more than 3 weeks. It seemed more like 3 days. This […]


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    Love the photos with the donut on his face! Awfully cute! So glad to hear that he’s doing well 🙂 Hope you’re doing better, too!


  3. sargentmt

    Is that a toy around his face? You always have lots of fun toys. Don’t forget Yule will be coming to visit next week. He is looking forward to playing with Scrappy again.


  4. He looks very happy.


  5. Golden Brodie here. Nice to hear about Spresso. Golden can be sensitive to their surroundings and I had to work on that but doing great at the age of 2years plus. Aplomb…I like that!


  6. derrycats

    Looks like he had a great time!


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