Yule is back!

r-d_yule_8102142 r-d_yule_8102032 r-d_yule_8102242

Scrappy is always delighted when Yule visits. Yule is one of the few dogs he’ll actually play with.

r-d_yule-scrap_8102276 r-d_yule-scrap_8102089

Yule met someone new this time. That’s Lilly. More on her another day. Their relationship is not yet what I call “warm”.

r-i_yule-lilly-scrap_8102179 r-d_lilly_8102152


  1. They may not be best friends yet, but they have come a long way in a short time. Good job!


  2. sargentmt

    Maybe Lilly and Yule will be playing by the time I get back. One can only hope, and you’re the man to get them accepting of each other.


  3. Susan

    Yule is so magestic. Amazing photos as always Rob. You capture the dogs’ very essence, and than share this with us. I love your photography!


  4. Mary Tonningsen

    So glad Yule is back! I always enjoy seeing him and glad that Scrappy’s friend is near. Sorry for Lily, though. She looks a tad stressed, poor girl! Like Woody when I get the toothpaste out. šŸ˜‰


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