Full House

Sometimes you just end up with more dogs than you expected. I’ve long known that Yule was coming for the Thanksgiving weekend. That would make just three dogs including Scrappy and Lilly, the full-time residents here. But then Buddy’s parents texted a few days ago to see if I could accommodate Buddy for a few days. Sure, why not. And then Homeward Bound got full up so that added one more. I’m glad it stopped there.

You may recall Buddy as he’s been a guest here several times. He’s a wonderfully sweet boy who is working on his confidence with other dogs. He’s more athletic than what you expect at first glances. And he sports a joyful smile and beautiful, soft eyes that are just about irresistible. Plus, he’s awfully photogenic. What more could you ask for?

rd_buddy_8105238 rd_buddy_8104813 rd_buddy_8105260

rd_buddy_8104806 rd_buddy_8104790 rd_buddy_8105260 rd_buddy_8104725 rd_buddy_8104989 rd_buddy_8105257  rd_buddy_8104762


  1. Mary

    Thanks again for taking such great care of him Rob! He sure loves being with you and we are really grateful to be able to leave him so happy!! 🙂


  2. Buddy is indeed very photogenic! I just love his sweet little face! He looks very happy to be visiting with you.


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