Catching up

I had mentioned that I had a few canine guests over Thanksgiving weekend but I’m just now getting to Yule’s photos. He makes a good subject as always. Yule did well with Lilly although she is still wary of him. He also spent a little time with Buddy out in the yard a couple times. Yule doesn’t realize what an imposing figure he cuts. Inside he can be a frightened little puppy. Yule is big — part Great Pyrenees — and has a massive head that I love to rub.

Scrappy and Lilly form the welcoming committee — loud as always. Scrappy loves it when his best friend visits.

Welcoming committee

rd_yule_8105172 rd_yule_8105122 rd_yule_8105082 rd_yule_8105198 rd_yule_8105099 rd_yule_8105214 rd_yule_8105036 rd_yule_8105109 rd_yule_8105084

I planted this tree a couple weeks ago. Still has its lovely leaves.



  1. I would have never guessed that he is a Great Pyrenees. The only ones I have ever seen are white. Great pictures and it looks like he had a great time playing in your back yard.


  2. I always enjoy looking at pictures of Yule. It is amaziing that Yule has the instinct of when we are going to see Scrappy. So glad they are friends.


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