Shaggy goes home

My beloved Shaggy has left because his Mom returned home from her trip. I’ll miss him but I was thrilled to have Shaggy here for just over a week. He seemed to feel comfortable from the start — not terribly surprising as he lived with me for several months a couple years back. The other night was much like old times. I was lying on the floor with Shaggy watching TV. I was watching TV. Shaggy was having a great time fidgeting and putting his legs on me in awkward ways. That boy is not a respecter of personal space at all. Oh, and he was also groaning and snoring and passing gas. It was wonderful.

rd_8107615-shag rd_8107804-shag rd_8107836-shag


  1. sargentmt

    Yule sends a fond farewell.

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  2. Mary Tonningsen

    Sure, Rob, blame it on the dog! 😉

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    1. Now, I never said I didn’t join in. 😉

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      1. Mary Tonningsen



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