To sleep, perchance to… just sleep!

I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. today. I was pleased. That’s probably earlier than the average. But sleep I did not. I lay there for a good long time before I got up. A good long time lasted an hour and a half tonight. Among many other things, I don’t do sleeping well. In fact, the last time I had a great night’s sleep and bounded out of bed full of energy was in 2006. I remember the day well.

But once up, what to do? I decided to finish this post I’ve been working on for days. I also decided to let go of trying to get these photos just right. I’m accepting that they are just done and move on.

I shot these over a week ago when Yule was staying with me for a few days. He was lying calmly on the grass so I took a prone position as well to see what I could see. Yule stayed put but his face went through many changes. Strains of David Bowie floated through my mind. I ended up with 60 shots taken over a minute and 16 seconds. That’s not a lot. Had I held the shutter button down I’d have gotten over 300 shots.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post all 60. Just enough to give you an idea of what I saw. The photos are in order but with some shots culled for brevity’s sake. At the end is what I believe had grabbed hold of Yule’s attention.


Good night!


  1. sargentmt

    You know I never tire seeing pictures of Yule. I am surprised he stood still looking at those goats. You also wonder what is going through Yule’s mind and also what are the thoughts of that goat.

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    1. I was amazed. This went on longer than the time I was shooting. I was certain he would erupt at any moment. But he never did. Yule was probably trying to decide between goat BBQ and goat stew.

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  2. Jana Hook

    I see you looking at me…said the goat to Yule!


    1. The goat stared at me for a good long while.


  3. Great shooting

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    1. You’re very kind.


  4. derrycats

    Very fun series!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it.


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