Journey’s Last Hurdle

Dogs are usually more resilient than we expect. Journey is a minor case in point. The ‘Last Hurdle’ in the title refers to Journey’s neutering and subsequent donning of the cone. This was the last challenge he had to manage before he could be adopted to some lucky home.

Journey came to to Homeward Bound from a local shelter that didn’t have the resources to keep him given that he required extra time to get over his fear of people. He had been living on the streets of Sacramento for at least three weeks while some Good Samaritans tried to rescue him. Journey (called Blue by the Good Sam group) was finally secured with a capture pole, an experience that is often traumatic. I understand that Journey fought back but was finally brought into the shelter.

At Homeward Bound we are able to devote more time to scared dogs like Journey. He progressed quickly with us, and soon all that was left to go through was the snipping at the vet and the indignity of the cone. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for him so that he wouldn’t be set back by the experience. We chauffeured him to the vet and back so he didn’t have to make the ride confined in a crate like all the other dogs. There’s no escaping the cone though. We just had to be patient and have faith that he would adapt and forgive. And he did.

The quality is not great but this video will give you an idea of what Journey endured and prevailed.


  1. He is a beautiful boy. Some person will adopt him and quickly realise how lucky they are to have him.


  2. Happy journeying, Journey!

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    1. Journey thanks you.

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  3. Mary Tonningsen

    What a cutie he is! 🙂

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    1. Indeed he is.


  4. Marlene Clarke

    Love to see that boy bouncing happily around. Thank you for everything you’ve done for him. It’s not “we” who chauffeured him back and forth and cared for him, it’s YOU. And he loves you for taking such good care of him.

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    1. Many people contributed to his rebirth. I just happened to be the one available to take him in.


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