Yukon searches for a friend

A Homeward Bound alumna visited today. Yukon, originally “Marie”, came back to look for a new friend. We thought Ryder would be a good match for her but it didn’t quite work out. I told Ryder that a Great Pyrenees wanted to meet him. But I think Yukon overheard him respond, “Yeah, what’s so great about her?”

She met a few other dogs, and was polite and all, but she didn’t show much interest in any of them. Once we ran out of suitable suitors for Yukon, I decided to play along shot and went home to get Monty. You remember Monty from this post when he met Scrappy. Monty’s a little guy for a Golden at 46 lbs. Plus, he’s not exactly overflowing with confidence. I gave him a pep talk before we entered the yard, and Monty did okay despite his anxiety. And it turned out that Yukon showed more interest in him than all the other dogs put together. Done deal! He goes home on Thursday. I can’t believe I’m losing him already.


  1. A beautiful couple! Is Yukon one of the GPs that came in as a set (if I recall they came from the home of an older person that went to a care home, or something like that? They both came in with bad coats and looking pretty ragged). Whoever she is and wherever she came from, she is just gorgeous and I’m glad she and Monty hit it off! 😀


  2. Oh my! Well you know what they say, strange bedfellows make the best lovers. Best wishes and much love to Monty and Yukon. 🐾❤️


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