Lilly the Lookout

Lilly spends a lot of her yard time watching.

I assume she is checking her surroundings for signs of danger and the occasional tasty critter.

She’s not one to abandon her post. Staying on task — at least this task — seems to come easy for her. Lilly sometimes seem unaware of me when I enter the yard and approach her.

She does allow herself to sit but her eyes stay glued to the terrain in front of her.

Even moving in front of her doesn’t guarantee attention from her.


  1. That last photo, wow. She has such soulful, searching eyes…when you do get her attention and even what could be interpreted as a smile from’s really quite special.


  2. I think you are safe if something approaches that shouldn’t be there.


  3. I bet she knows exactly where you are, but you are not a potential problem! 🙂

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