Gresham, Carson, Scrappy, and Karl

We had a play group a few days ago with some exceptional dogs. Dogs with good looks and good temperaments. It’s fun to spend an hour or two with dogs of this caliber.

Lori and Karl
Gresham — so sweet and handsome
Gresham, Scrappy, and Karl
“Carson, when I caught the fish it was this big.”
But later when I told the story, it magically became this big!”
Lori and Gresham
Gresham lives for butt scratches.
“Scrappy, we warned you about showing your face here.”
Karl greets Gresham
Swapping lies.
“May I have this dance?”
“Karl, please don’t ever leave me.”
“First, let’s steal the cookies.”



  1. This was such a great day at the ranch, you captured it beautifully and it was so much fun to read!!


  2. Beautiful dogs at play and you are an excellent photographer able to capture them so well in all your photographs.


  3. Mary Tonningsen

    Carson looks like he’s actually falling for that fish story! LOL! You’re right, Rob – those are some very good-looking dogs! I love t see photos of dogs playing and sharing doggy secrets!


  4. They should never be left alone to tell stories. . .

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cindy Towne

    I love your photos. They are so animated and you catch the expressions that tell the story themselves. Just awesome❣️🐾


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