Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Nora, the blonde below, is a superstar dog when it comes to playing with other dogs. Nora excels at adapting her play style to the dogs she is with. In this post you can see her being a ruffian with the boys (Ryder and Decoda). Always willing to play but never gets too rough. On the other hand, it’s amazing to watch Nora self-handicap when playing with a puppy. She even takes the time to teach the young ones how to play properly.


Dogs have many different play styles. One of the key elements of effective dog socialization is matching dogs that have similar views on what is “fun” when they hang together. For some dogs — and not necessarily just the older ones — a good time is lying in the shade on a sunny day sipping lemonade. Then there are dogs like Ryder and Decoda that play as if they are mortal enemies. 10 years ago I would have freaked had two dogs started up like this in my presence. This time I just took a moment to make sure they…