Monty & Scrappy

I was out in the back with Scrappy and Lilly this evening. I took some shots with the camera. Tried to get Lilly to stop posing like a goof when I had her next to Scrappy. No luck. I suddenly decided to introduce Scrappy and the new boy, Monty. I’m normally reluctant to do a dog intro by myself but I felt okay about this one. Scrappy is pretty safe in such situations but I chose not to include Lilly. She can wait until tomorrow.

I returned both Scrappy and Lilly and out them behind a barrier. Then I ushered Monty into the backyard to make sure he was okay from his, um, procedure this morning. Monty got a few minutes to take care of personal business and stretch his legs.

Then I let Scrap out the back door. I used to always feel the tension, apprehension, and undivided attention that accompanies the first moments of an introduction. Not so much any more. I put the banging bowls down after 20 or 30 seconds because I knew Scrappy and Monty would be okay.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you …
Turnabout is fair play …
The nose knows …
Sharing secrets from me …


C’mon get going …
Uh, Scrappy, you’re doing it wrong again …
Scrap showed Monty all the good places to pee …
No, I don’t have freakishly large eyes. Why do you ask?
This is my one-eyed Jack impression. Except my name isn’t Jack.
Scrap told Monty about the smelly goats next door.



  1. […] suitors for Yukon, I decided to play along shot and went home to get Monty. You remember Monty from this post when he met Scrappy. Monty’s a little guy for a Golden at 46 lbs. Plus, he’s not exactly […]


  2. Awesome Rob!!!


  3. “The nose knows” — stunning image


  4. sargentmt

    This is great Rob. Perhaps Scrappy can tell Monty not to pee in the house.


  5. Looks like a great introduction! They are beautiful.


  6. Your photos never fail to put a big smile on my face. I adore them! 💙


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