My good friend, Charlie

Charlie came to visit but just for an overnight. I didn;t have much of a chance to get a good photo, and Charlie, like many dogs, doesn’t care to look into the camera lens. So this profile is the best I could manage.

When Charlie sees me again after having been away for a while, he chooses to show his affection by one or more serious body slams. I try to take it as a compliment.


  1. Mary Tonningsen

    That’s a great photo of the beautiful but bashful guy! Woody is the same way and will actually leave the room, or go back in the house if we’re outside. I wonder what that’s all about? My cats don’t seem to be quite as worried about getting their souls sucked out by a camera. Oh, wait – cats don’t have souls like a dog does. That must be it! (just kidding, sweet kitties!) 😉


  2. Charlie is a handsome fellow. He just wanted to make sure you got his good side. LOL

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  3. Carol

    Wow!! Charlie is a beautiful boy!! My Dahlia hates her picture taken. She also turns her head away and will not look at the camera.


  4. Still, a nice portrait


  5. Benji is one such dog. He turns his head away and will not look at the camera.

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