My good friend, Charlie

Charlie came to visit but just for an overnight. I didn;t have much of a chance to get a good photo, and Charlie, like many dogs, doesn’t care to look into the camera lens. So this profile is the best I could manage. When Charlie sees me again after having been away for a while, he chooses to show his affection by one or more serious body slams. I try to take it as a compliment.

Charley for a Day

Nope, not a new TV show. Charley is a Homeward Bound alumnus, and he stayed with me for a while while we weaned him off Prozac. I wrote a little about him in this post. He’s back for a short visit while his Mom and Dad celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. He’ll be going home tomorrow but it’s great to see him again if only for a short time. Scrappy’s not playing with Charlie — that’s nothing new. But at least he isn’t all pouty and moping around this time.