Scrappy makes it look easy

Wilson has been with us at Homeward Bound for over two months ago. He’s a spunky little guy tipping the scales at a hefty 35 pounds are so. He comes with a ton of personality that makes people like him immediately. Unfortunately, he’s also fearful of other dogs and has chosen “the best defense is a blitzkrieg offense” strategy when it comes to the scary dogs. To make things worse, Wilson’s size has helped him become a master of slipping by slow humans at a gate or door. Twice this has given him access to attack other dogs.  I use…

Better to be lucky…

I like this photo okay. But it was never intended to be anything, to be honest. I pointed the camera at the subject and pressed the shutter button to check the lighting. When I went through today’s shots, I was surprised to find that it had possibilities. A little fair amount of work in Photoshop and it’s presentable. Additional photos from today.

Not all the beautiful plants are in the garden

At Homeward Bound, I mean. These lovelies are on the fences just outside the dog kennels. I think they’re called listeria. They attract these really cool black jumbo bumble bees. I think they are bumble bees. I have tried to shoot the flowers many times over the years but have never succeeded in capturing them in the way I intended. That’s not to say that none of the photos are nice. Just not what I wanted. I’m letting go of that and just accepting what I get instead.  

Salt and pepper

I recently tried to get some shots of two dogs playing. I don’t expect perfect photos when the dogs are wrestling and running about. I just don’t have the chops for that. But people like them, and I occasionally get a shot that I am truly satisfied with. But… on the two days in question the subjects were Aspen and River — a white dog and a black dog. That’s brilliant white and pitch black. Okay, to be honest, River’s coat has dark brown highlights.  But he’s still quite dark. The contrasting subjects pose a dilemma for the camera’s meter….